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Overhead projector led rewriteable

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The overhead has led to a lighted interior, recommended for bars,
pubs, bars, restaurants, trattorias, pizzerias, pubs, shops of all kinds,
or for those who need to promote offers, programs, news,
discounts, schedules, and messages of any kind.

It 's a great way of advertising for the possibility of
upgrade at any time your messages quickly and conveniently.

The overhead is erasable and rewritable through the use of markers
acrylic water.

Thanks to the electronic lighting system, equipped with several programs for
the flashing and the color change, the blackboard is transformed into a vistosissima
teaches neon effect.

  • Transparent Plexiglas
  • Equipped with adjustable hooks for positioning wall
  • Standard universal power supply with 12V
  • Dimensions:
    Model EBB5 = 50cm x 70 cm

    Model EBB6 = 60 cm x 80 cm

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